Agents: Thinking of making a switch? UP FRONT Homes is looking for a few good ones who are ready for a change plus a better (and more equitable) commission split. We're looking for that "it" factor (a music biz term, my past career) i.e. people who are passionate, want to do real estate better than the status quo, have solid research skills for CMA's and negotiating prowess. All with a good dose of motivation and eye for detail.

Real estate is (or should be) a customer service business. And if done right, will be a ‘team’ sport. Yes, we all need to work together: Buyers, Sellers, Agents, Brokers, Lenders and Title/ Closers. Integrity is job #1 at UP FRONT Homes. You'll pay your own quarterly MLS fees, as well as, local, state and national dues but you'll never pay any desk fee, franchise fee or any other 'pass-thru' fee. And we never, ever charge our buyers an "admin fee." Why? Because we promote, "Fairness in every business deal," as the Good Book says to :)

Work at your own pace. Total assistance but no micro managing. We're here to help! Contact Greg:

Greg Haage, Owner/Broker

Greg's mobile: 612-804-3267

MN license: 40112115

Piper Kosel, Realtor
Piper's mobile: 612-559-1986   

MN license: 40711244

Office: 763-522-8156, Fax: 763-522-6634

                           Remember: Every day brings new beginnings & opportunities so stay hopeful!