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Greg Haage, M.A.


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Success Stories | Real Estate

Rick and Lea Barron (Co-owners of Barron Event Planning)

"Greg made buying our house a breeze. We thoroughly enjoyed our home buying experience with him. His attention to detail, knowledge of the entire process and his willingness to go the extra mile for us made buying our home a super positive experience. In a world where access to those we are trusting with our big purchases seems more and  more limited, Greg was always a phone call away. We highly recommend him!"


Jillian Flower (Attorney at law)

"We bought our first home in Golden Valley with Greg and cannot say enough about the wonderful service that he provided to me and my husband. Greg responded to all of my/our questions and concerns almost immediately and made himself available to us throughout the process, at any time of day.  I faced a few obstacles in the final purchase of my home, (short sale related) and Greg was a phenomenal advocate for us.  His professionalism and guidance was key to our ability to move in to our amazing new home!"


P. J. Harris (Bell Mortgage)

"I have known Greg for many years in the real estate industry and he is nothing short of a miracle worker. He ALWAYS puts his clients first creating an environment of trust. They are then comfortable with the knowledge that they are going to get a good home and have stable solid financing. Some of his services include budget counseling and financial consulting. Thanks to Greg, his clients are on track financially and in their affordable, dream homes."


Scott Hermodson (Home inspector: licensed and bonded)

"I've worked with Greg in the real estate market as a home inspector. He is very professional and quite knowledgeable in this field. Always a pro."


Lonn Dugan (BIG Marketing Solutions LLC, Toledo, OHIO)

"Greg is a profoundly intelligent and widely, talented renaissance man who has a keen business mind and a passion for excellence. What more could you want in a real estate broker and consultant? If you have a choice to hire Greg or somebody else, choose Greg! You'll be glad you did."


Alicia B. (Anoka homeowner)

"The period it takes to be a homeowner and to finally get to signing the closing papers may at times feel like "wishful thinking," which can cultivate hopelessness. (An emotional roller-coaster) Through this time, Greg encouraged me and guided me with dignity.  When I was ready to let go of my dream of having a home for my kids, Greg lifted me back up. Now my three children can say they have a "home." Greg has helped me leave a legacy for my kids and theirs, with this awesome home. There are countless ways I wish to show my gratitude to Greg but want to say, "Thank you for never giving up on me!"


Vickie H. (Minneapolis homeowner)

"Greg has impressed me for many years in so many capacities. The trust I have for him wielded me to give him power of attorney over some financial affairs, which helped me a lot. He has the rare, genuine concern you cannot find if you uncover every record in the state. He will do more for you than you ever dreamed of. His insights and commitment to solve problems has you smiling!"


Mitch & Kelly (Big Lake homeowners)

"Greg is wonderful and an honest person. We are so thankful for him helping us with our loan modification...a very arduous task.  Thank you, Greg, SO much for everything you did for us!!"


Marie & David B. (St. Paul homeowners)

"Greg coached us thru our family budget & messy, money issues so for us (and real estate) he was a God-send!"


Cecelia S.  (Minneapolis Homeowner)

"Greg is very committed to helping people that are under it, and I am so thankful he came into my life. He totally took care of my housing issues. What a negotiator."


Alan Winter, (FRONTLINE MISSIONS Atlanta, GA)

"Greg is a very committed person and has a passion for helping people thru life's storms. He is gifted in one-on-one, hands-on training of money & credit cards plus knows what to do to help people immediately. Greg negotiates very well even the hard cases...and always gets to the heart of the matter."


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